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New LDPE Plastic Recycling Facility Update

Updated: Feb 29

GT Recycling's new plastic recycling facility is currently under construction and progressing well. This new facility includes precast concrete walls, with recycled plastic void formers cast internally in each wall section.

Void Formers

Void formers are 3D geometric shapes, placed within concrete structures and aim to reduce the amount of concrete used in construction. Historically, void formers were manufactured from virgin plastic.

Recycled Plastic Void Former For Pre-Cast Walls

Swinburne University of Technology received a grant from Sustainability Victoria, and partnered with ROBOVOID Pty Ltd and GT Recycling. This project included research and development to take 100% recycled agricultural plastic waste, and produce void formers for the construction industry. The aim is to supply a sustainable void former for precast slabs, ground slabs and precast walls for infrastructure and building applications.


Agricultural Plastic Waste

Each year, thousands of tonnes of plastic waste from the agricultural industry are disposed into landfill. This waste includes bulka bags, tarps and bale twine, made from virgin polypropylene. These products are used to protect grain and after months in the elements these plastics deteriorate. Historically, these plastics have been difficult to repurpose or recycle.

Recycling Polypropylene For Void Formers In Precast Walls

GT Recycling collects waste PP plastic, processes and recycles this waste to produce recycled PP pellets. These pellets were then used by Robovoid to manufacture voids that were then placed within precast concrete wall slabs.

The First Use Of ROBOVOID Constructing GT Recycling's New Facility

This new product has been been employed for the first time in structural building walls in at GT Recycling's new facility in Geelong. Robovoid, Westkon Precast, P&D Rigging & Crane Hire Pty Ltd partnered to bring this project and facility to life.


Established in 2018, Robovoid develops and commercialises innovative and sustainable solutions. With a focus on engineering circular economy solutions to decarbonise construction, Robovoid worked on this project with Swinburn University, Westkon Precast and GT Recycling.

More information

If you would like to find out more about this project, please reach out to GT Recycling.


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