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Book a plastic waste collection

Commercial quantities only

If you are a business located in Geelong or Melbourne, and have commercial quantities of plastic waste, GT Recycling offers an efficent and convenient collection service. GT Recycling aims to reduce the amount of waste destined for landfill while promoting sustainability of a diminishing natural resource.


To prepare bumper bars for collection

1. Remove grills, chrome, metal, wires, reflectors. Leaving the bumper bar.

2. Stack bumper bars in a safe and convenient location for our rear loading compactor truck to back up to for access and hand loading

Bumper bars waste for collection and recycling

GT Recycling collects and recycles PP plastic garden pots. PP plastic can be identified with the number 5 recycling symbol. GT Recycling does not collect PS plastic seedling trays. To identify a PS seedling tray, when folded the tray will make a crackling sound.

How to prepare garden pots for collection

1. Remove soil and leaves from pots

2. Stack pots in a bulka bag, and place in a convenient location for truck collection

Garden pots waste for collection and recycling in Geelong

GT Recycling collects and recycles HDPE drums used for non-hazardous materials, and participates in the DrumMuster program. Drums used for oils, glue, paint or acid cannot be collected.

How to prepare waste plastic drums for collection:

1. Drums must be emptied and triple rinsed

2. Stack on pallet, four high, shrink wrapped

DrumMuster waste HDPE drums for recycling

We offer a collection service for pallet wrap and LDPE packaging film.

How to prepare your waste pallet wrap or LDPE packaging film for collection:

1. GT Recycling can supply a large bag to conveniently store pallet wrap or packaging film

2. Collate and place in a convenient location for collection

LDPE film collected, for processing and recycling

GT Recycling collects HDPE pipe from construction, agricultural and civil applications. We do not accept PVC pipe.

To prepare pipe for collection:

1. Ensure pipe is free of contamination and soil

2. Place pipe within waste cage in a convenient location for collection

HDPE pipe or PE Poly pipe for reycling

To prepare your wheelie bins for collection:

1. Empty each bin

2. Wheels and axles removed  

3. Stack wheelie bins inside each other, in lots of ten

4. Place wheelie bins in a convenient location for collection

Wheelie bin waste for recycling

GT Recycling collects and recycles PP woven bulka bags, and participates in the Big Bag Recovery program.

To prepare Bulka Bags for collection

1. Only bags used for non-hazardous materials can be collected

2. Empty contents, remove inner lining 

3. Either stuff multiple bags within one bulka bag, bale up all bags, or flat pack bags on a pallet

4. Place bags in a convenient location for collection

Bulker bags can be recycled by GT Recycling in Geelong
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