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GT Recycling Receives State And Federal Government Grant

Updated: Mar 7

GT Recycling is extremely proud and excited to receive a significant grant from the Federal and State Governments under the Federal Recycling Modernisation Fund and Victoria's Recycling Victoria Program. The Recycling Modernisation Fund is an initiative by the Fed Government, and aims to invest $34.9 million over 3 years to aid the recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic across regional areas.

Lily D’Ambrosio, Victorian environment minister said the grant will contribute to GT Recycling's investment “to install world-leading technology to recover a range of plastics from discarded agricultural plastic including plant pots, shade cloths, and tarps.”

This new facility will be built and established to process and recycle LDPE and soft plastics. This valuable resource will then contribute to the local circular economy and supply local manufacturers.

In July 2022, the export ban on mixed waste plastics and single polymer came into effect, and this new recycling capability will divert waste from landfill.

“GT Recycling is making a significant investment to increase its plastic processing capacity which means more jobs for Victorians, more reasons to recycle and a better outcome for the environment,” added federal environment minister Sussan Ley.

New Recycling Facility

This 8000tpa plant upgrade and new capability will allow GT Recycling to process and recycle a range of problematic flexible and hard plastics.

GT Recycling's Doug McLean says "Our thanks to both the Victorian State, and Federal Government for supporting this project, which coincides with the waste export ban on mixed plastic waste from Australia in July 2021, and on unprocessed single polymer plastics starting in July 2022, and we look forward to playing a significant role in our quest to achieve a circular economy."

GT Recycling

With a history of collaborating with local businesses, councils and government, GT Recycling is a leader in sustainability and champion of circular economy.

According to Doug McLean, GT Recycling is one of a few recyclers across Australia that "specialise in woven polypropylene packaging, such as shopping bags and grain tarp".

GT Recycling, LDPE plastic waste
Trevor McLean, GT Recycling's Managing Director

Recycling Project Details

  • Project: Flexible Plastic Capacity and Technology Upgrade Project.

  • Expanding our plastics recycling facility in Geelong to reprocess an additional 8,000 tonnes of plastic, including soft plastics, per annum.

  • Expansion of factory space at GT Recycling's five acre site in Moolap Geelong.

  • Increase processing capacity to 18,000 tonnes a year, from 10,000.

  • Flexible packaging material including low density polyethylene (LDPE) shrink-wrap and industrial woven polypropylene packaging, rather than being shipped overseas for processing, can be recycled locally whilst also avoiding landfill.


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