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Frequently asked questions

What types of waste does GT Recycling collect?

GT Recycling predominantly collects industrial plastic waste such as:

1. PP garden pots

2. LDPE pallet wrap and packaging film

3. Clear and coloured LDPE industrial waste

4. Bumper bars

5. PP woven bulka bags

6. PE 100 poly pipe

7. Grain bunker tarp

8. HDPE drums

What types of waste does GT Recycling not collect?


1. HDPE drums used for oil or hazardous materials

2. Soft plastics such as shopping bags

3. Household soft plastic waste

How should I prepare waste before a GT Recycling collection?

Waste should be prepared as below, and placed in an area where GT Recycling's truck can safely access and load.


1. PP garden pots - remove contamination such as leaves and soil

2. LDPE pallet wrap and packaging film - packed in bulka bag

3. Bumper bars - wire, reflectors and metal fixings removed, stacked neatly ready for collection

4. PP woven bulka bags - remove inner lining or waste, bale bags into one bulka bag

5. PE 100 poly pipe - TBC

6. Grain bunker tarp - TBC

7. HDPE drums - must be triple rinsed with water, stacked four high on a pallet

How to identify LDPE soft plastic waste that GT Recycling collects?

To identify the types of soft plastic waste that GT Recycling collects, follow the below guide:

1. Push your thumb through the plastic, if it stretches, this indicates this plastic is likely LDPE and can be collected.

2. LDPE soft plastic waste will have a number 4 printed on the surface.

Is there a cost for GT Recycling to collect waste?

Yes. GT Recycling charges a flat fee, where a minimum and maxmium amount of waste is to be collected. For lrage quantities of waste, a quote will be provided. Contact our team for pricing.

Does GT Recycling recycle cardboard?

Yes. GT Recycling will accept drop-offs of commercial quantities of cardboard at our Moolap site in Geelong. GT Recycling does not collect carboard.

Does GT Recycling collect residential waste?

No. GT Recycling does not collect any type of waste from residential locations. And we do not recycle household waste.

What areas does GT Recycling collect from?

Melbourne - west, north, east and south east to Carrum Downs


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